Purrfectly Sweet

Uniquely Melys Cat Show curtains

A range of bespoke show curtains for a GCCF standard 4 ft x 6 ft Show pen (can be adjusted as per provided measurements).

Please see pictured below previous completed designs (as per requests).

For more information or to request order please contactus

Two tone deep purple taffeta set with complimenting cream satin plus  Champagne coloured ribbon. With three piece cushion set, quilted base & bed plus litter tray cover.

Turquoise silk with an overlay of snowflake organza, complimented with hand sewn metallic snowflake bunting. With three piece cushion set and quilted bed plus litter tray cover.

Royal blue satin set with accents of cream and added gold ribbon.With three piece cushion set, quilted base & bed plus litter tray cover.

Pale blue and white satin set, with white delicate ribbon accents, delicatly accompanied with lavender flower bouquets. With three piece cushion set, centre cushion has sash detail.

Blue & Silver satin set with silver ribbon detail, three piece cushion set, with embroidered centre cushion. 


Chocolate and cream satin set, with cream and gold ribbon detail, with cream flower accents, with three piece cushion set. All sets come with litter tray cover, quilted base all to accompany the curtain set.

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